A Diamond To Love

Shorter lower halves, larger culet. The difference between old European cut/early round brilliant cut diamonds, and diamonds cut to the current standards for round brilliant cut diamonds. (See my previous blog post “By Any Other Name”). Doesn’t sound like much. But these seemingly slight differences can make a wonderful difference in what you see and experience. And many people LOVE the difference. The shorter and wider facets of the old European cut create broader flashes of light and dark, brilliance and sparkle, without being “glitzy”, and preserve a greater sense of the of the original stone from which it was crafted, allowing a love of not just the light return, but the sculpted form as well. The old European cut / early round brilliant cut diamond reaches you with its remarkable natural properties and beauty. It is a beauty of both nature and art. It connects you with an earlier time when a diamond’s beauty meant more than precision.

BTW, the same goes for Old Mine cut/early cushion cut diamonds.

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