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Parts of Genius, Pieces of Beauty.

The art created by the jewelers of the Edwardian period is genius. They gave us long-lasting beauty, reaching new and still unsurpassed heights of exceptionalism. And a whole lot of it has been destroyed. To this day, some of the rare remaining jewels of the Edwardian period may end up being taken apart, stones removed, and the metal sent back into the refining process and the chain of new metal supply. Once in a while we are lucky enough to rescue such jewels in their more or less original form, or more likely just some of their remaining parts. Remaining parts are the most in danger. What else is there to do with them but remove the stones and melt the metal? That’s where a jewel’s misfortune may become my pleasure….giving new life to parts of genius. With these pieces of beauty, by rearranging, and maybe combining with other rescued parts, and/or adding some new elements, I try to achieve something that might display the art and history of the original. The earrings shown below are made from the remaining platinum and diamonds parts...not much more than bits…. of what was originally a fine Edwardian brooch that fell on hard times. The two matching marquise diamonds dangling at the bottom, and the platinum hooks are my modest additions.

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